I got rk3328 its my first install

hey guys this is my first install on my new board I have done it on raspberry pi before which was kind of automatic install with image from ubuntu site this image i got from libre website once i booted it asked for password i used root and it worked as it was in release notes of base version not after this I dont know what to do because I cant find a full guide to install it from libre website I know I can do it from ubuntu website but i know there has to be a guide on libre site for my board i might be missing something,

There is no installation, unzip the image and flash it to a SD card with you favorite flashing tool. If you logged in to the command line, you’re done.The base and server images have no GUI. Use the desktop image if you want a… desktop. You can install a Desktop Environment on the server image (I don’t like gnome, so that’s what I do) but with the base image that’s kind of the long way around, as it is as stripped down as possible.

I use dd on the command line in Linux myself. Enjoy!