Recommended Bit Accurate Flashing Tools

Windows: Win32DiskImager - Video Tutorial
Linux: dd or Gnome Disk Utility
macOS: Disk Utility

Linux: libretech-flash-tool currently for bootloaders only but will support images

what about Etcher? it has a verify test at the end of flashing

BalenaEtcher is based on NodeJS so it uses a lot of library layers to flash. We have found it to be unreliable on some systems and it has repeatedly caused issues for some users. We do not recommend it due to the field failures.

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I tried win32diskimager, but it doesn’t seem to be working on windows 11. Doesn’t even come up after installing. I’ve tried Rufus with the headless Debian image but the screen didn’t come up, which it should come up with a CLI, trying Ubutnu now

Do you have Google Drive?

Also try to turn on Windows 10 Compatibility Mode.

What about raspberry pi imager?