Raspbian 10 Buster for Libre Computer Boards

If you encounter any problems, please reply to the post with your issue.

The images are located on our distro server.

  1. Use the image with a suffix that matches your board! eg. +aml-s905x-cc.img.xz
  2. Decompress/extract the xz compressed image file ending in .img.xz with 7-zip.
  3. Write to a MicroSD card with a bit-accurate flashing tool or Raspberry Pi Imager for lite/headless!

We will be continuously releasing images to address the issues discovered.

Headless Lite Setup

The default username and password for Raspbian buster images is pi and raspberry.

Changes from stock Raspbian for Raspberry Pi

  • Smaller image size for faster flashing (~40% smaller/faster)
  • Transparent disk resize to MicroSD card size without reboot
  • Checksummed disk data and metadata (reduces invisible MicroSD card errors/failures)
  • Copy-on-write and zstd compressed filesystem (reduces write-amplification and improves MicroSD card life)
  • GRUB bootloader
  • Latest Linux kernels with continuous updates
  • Desktop OpenGL ES 2.0 acceleration out of the box

What is different?

  • config.txt does not affect anything so dtoverlay entries do not work! There is work in progress to have our wiring tool do basic emulation.
  • GPIO numbers need to be translated using the wiring tool
  • software that utilize Raspberry Pi specific hardware features will not work!