Libre Computer Start Here Guide

Welcome to Libre Computer Start Guide!

Through a series of navigation links, we will help you get started with your Libre Computer board.



  1. Choose an Operating System
  2. Flash the Operating System to Flash Storage Device
  3. Insert or Attach Flash Storage Device
  4. Connect and Power the Device

Top 5 Problem (95%+ of User Issue)

  1. Cannot Boot Nothing Happens - Power/Flashing
  2. Board Reboot Spontaneously - Power/Compatibility
  3. Cannot Login - Read the Release Notes
  4. USB Devices Not Working - Power/Drivers
  5. Kernel Panics - Power/Flash/Damage/Defect

We have designed this hub for two way communication to improve our processes and user experience. There is a search function on the top right corner with extensive knowledge base of user issues, causes, and resolutions.

Need additional help that hasn’t been covered? Please create a new post after reading through the basic material and using the search function.

All of our boards have a UART/serial debug pins to get the exact and detailed actions of the board and running software.