Libre Computer CC Form Factor Case Compatibility and Installation

Libre Computer CC Form Factor is designed to be compatible most cases designed for Raspberry Pi 1/2/3 Model B and B+.


  1. Only the main SoC should have a heatsink that is designed for the board. Do not put extra heatsinks on the DRAM and other components. This is a short circuit risk and has high potential to damage the board.
  2. Always insert the MicroSD card into the board AFTER installing it into a case. Many cases are not designed to be installed with the MicroSD card in the board. Installing it in such a way will damage the MicroSD cards by creating hairline stress fractures. This will destroy the data on the card as well as create short circuit risk since the internal circuitry is displaced.


  1. Align the CVBS Jack, HDMI, and Power Input with the case port cutouts.
  2. Push the board down into the case and engage any clips that may hole the board in.
  3. If the case uses screws to secure the board, attach the screws. If using eMMC, install before driving the screws since most plastic cases can deform with multiple attachments.
  4. Attach any peripherals and check wiring for bent, exposed, and free hanging metal contacts or wires to avoid short circuit that may damage or destroy components.
  5. Attach any ports that will be used.
  6. Finally attach power after complete installation. Hot changing/modding boards is not recommended since a short circuit can damage components and affect functionality.

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