La frite just wont show up on my pc

i bought a la frite and a 16 gb emmc modual.

i have installed the modual. pretty sure its working properly.

i cannot, for the life of me, get it to show up as a virtual device when i connect it to my pc, per the instructions provided on this site.

i originally tried to flash the emmc from my raspi 1 sbc but i was getting USB timeout errors when running either pyamlboot commands, so i switched to a older hp desktop with a pentium 4 running linux mint and now i get no errors…but the la frite never shows up, ive waited hours for it to show up and nothing.

ive also looked at this write up on the armbian site and the instructions are very vuage.

also, what im confused about is the emmc/nor switch on the side, ive had it in both possible possitions and it doesnt change anything. and i cant find a single thing about it online.

at this point im at a loss for what to do next, the only other computer i have in the house is a my laptop but its running windows and is AMD.