Le Potato Not Booting with Peripherals

With the recent Dec 3rd Distro of Raspbian 11 and 12 I have found that the Le Potato doesn’t boot when there are peripherals other than the HDMI connected. The red LED is the only thing that stays on while peripherals are plugged in, but when I remove the peripherals when booting it boots as expected, at which point I can plug in the peripherals and use them without issue. To confirm this, I’ve tested an old image I had on another micro sd card I knew worked…none of these issues happen on the same board.

Images causing problems:

  1. 2023-05-03-raspbian-bullseye-arm64-lite+aml-s905x-cc.img.xz
  2. 2023-10-10-raspbian-bookworm-arm64-lite+aml-s905x-cc.img.xz

In fact, as I am trying the other images, like ubuntu, it still isn’t working. I must be doing something wrong since there is no way other people haven’t pointed this issue out since September, the last update of ubuntu images. However, it is odd that an older raspbian 11 image works without issues, indicating that my setup is sufficient. What could be going on?

UPDATE: Embarrassingly…It may be due to a bad USB device since so far by booting without it plugged in, I don’t seem to be getting issues.

Actually, it seems that this post had some peripheral issues too: READ FIRST! Booting Resources - #4 by wolfch

We have some updates on this front to address some of the compatibility issues. Hopefully have this released in early January.

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