Le Potato stuck on MBOX - can't erase emmc

Le Potato has the android/mbox on it from initial setup, trying to switch to CoreELEC. Installed CoreElec on an microSD, works, boots everything, but can’t access the emmc or re-write it. Removed microSD and tried to go into usb mode to erase or reflash emmc. Linux system (almaLinux, intel) sees it in usb-devices, and I was able to run pyamlboot erase-emmc and it said it succeeded, including on HDMI output it claimed the card was wiped. Rebooted and ran pyamlboot ums-emmc, which says it succeeds, but HDMI out shows it trying to boot and access a TFTP server. Linux system never sees it as a drive.

If I reboot the le potato, it comes back up with the MBOX software (7.1.1 so super-old), so the card really wasn’t wiped. I did plug in a usb power supply to the card before running the pyamlboot commands to make sure it wasn’t a power issue.

How can I wipe the emmc and get it loaded up with the CoreELEC build?

BTW - if I install the emmc after the CoreELEC is booted from the microSD, it does not see the /dev/mmcblk0 device at all

Well, with this outpouring of non-support, I ended up making another microSD loaded with ubuntu, then through concerted effort was able to eventually reformat /dev/mmcblk0 via fdisk. Then I rebooted from the CoreELEC microSD, which now saw the emmc, and copied /dev/mmcblk1 to /dev/mmcblk0 via dd.