Le Potato use custom resolution

Hello! I have a 1024x600 resolution display (waveshare 7 inch), but since the resolution is not VESA standard, it does not show an image. (I’m trying on Android, but it doesn’t work on Armbian either). I know the EDID data of the display, is there a solution to make it work?

Have you tried our official images instead of Armbian?

Not yet, I’m trying. But the primary target would be android.

We only support official images found on distro.libre.computer. Armbian is a third party project maintained by the Armbian developers. Android is designed for TVs so it will not support that resolution.

I know it doesn’t support this resolution. I would like to make my own android build, I’m just a beginner. I don’t know what should be modified and whether to the kernel or the rom?

Unfortunately, linux is not a solution. I need android applications

For the Android SDK, see Android for Libre Computer Boards

We do not support Android since it is based on Amlogic vendor SDK as opposed to upstream Linux and u-boot.

official debian (distro.libre.computer) everything good. uboot help this problem.
help how to use u-boot with android?

It’s not going to work with Android.

This is bad news. I bought Le Potato unnecessarily. I need to buy an RPi5