Le potato will not start

I have tried power through USB and micro USB both and I have also tried ubuntu and raspberry pi images and nothing comes up just a blue and red light

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The cases for your symptoms are as follows:

  1. You downloaded the wrong image. Make sure the file name ends with your board model (+aml-s905x-cc.img.xz)
  2. You did not extract the image before attempting to flash it to a MicroSD card.
  3. The image did not burn correctly and fails read-back test due to age or bad flash.
  4. If the board runs the bootloader, the green LED will light up. If it does not, it usually means you didn’t do the previous steps.

oh i got le potato v1 and v2 mixed up thank you so much.

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Oh, I have the same issue. Is the v2 image meant for a hardware v2 version? Why can’t v1 hardware and v2 hardware use the same boot image?

They’re completely different products.

https://libre.computer/products/ doesn’t show either, only generic. What is the difference and where is this information publicly available?