Libre Computer Board Naming Scheme and Conventions

Every Libre Computer board has a model name and a code name. Below is a list for all released boards in model name ::: code name convention based on released order.

  • AML-S905X-CC(-V1) ::: Le Potato
  • ALL-H3-CC-H2+ ::: Tritium-H2+
  • ALL-H3-CC-H3 ::: Tritium-H3
  • ALL-H3-CC-H5 ::: Tritium-H5
  • ROC-RK3328-CC(-V1) ::: Renegade
  • ROC-RK3399-PC(-V1) ::: Renegade Elite
  • AML-S805X-AC(-V1) ::: La Frite

Model Name follow the convention listed below:

  1. Platform Vendor 3 Letter Code
  2. Platform Family
  3. Form Factor
  4. Variant
  5. Version
  6. Capacity Details

Platform Vendor Code

  • ALL - Allwinner
  • AML - Amlogic
  • ROC - Rockchip

Platform Family

  • S805X - Amlogic S805X
  • S905X - Amlogic S905X
  • H3 - Allwinner H3 and H5, nearly Pin-to-Pin
  • RK3328 - Rockchip RK3328
  • RK3399 - Rockchip RK3399

Form Factor

  • CC - Credit Card - Follows Pi 2 and Pi 3 Model B Sizing, Connector, and GPIO layout
  • AC - Acute Card - Same Mounting Holes as CC, Size of Pi Model A, Libre Computer Standard
  • PC - Plus Card - 120mm x 72mm x 12mm, Libre Computer Mini Computer Standard


Specifies the SoC for a platform family, eg. ALL-H3-CC-H5. H5 is the SoC while H3 is used as the platform family grouping.


Major Revisions are completely different products

  • AML-S905X-CC-V1 and AML-S905X-CC-V2 are not the same products!

Minor Revisions are minor changes to existing products

  • AML-S805X-AC-V1.0A and AML-S805X- AC-V1.1A, V1.1A has a boot switch selector

Sub Revisions are connector changes for specific market


Size of DRAM or other Feature


I cannot find any distribution of ubuntu for the s805x I just bought. Am I blind, or you really have just releases for newer s905x?

La Frite and any of our newer boards can use any arm64 image. It has the bootloader integrated so it just skips the bootloader in the image. All the images are the same outside of the bootloader.

Well, then could you please help me debug this? I used Win32DiskImage to create a bootable flash drive and this is what im getting. (can’t share photos here so it’s a link)

You are posting this on the wrong thread. You need to update the firmware on your board.

At this point I’m really desperate. I did try to update the firmware, but now I don’t have any HDMI output. I’m doing everything according to your guides/tutorials, but the video output is just dead. what do i do now?

Please post on the relevant thread. Don’t hijack threads. This has nothing to do with Naming Schemes and Conventions.