Libretech flash tool for flashing os images on linux vm

a mod for libre redirected me to here from reddit. I for some reason cannot find a single tutorial for using the libre flash tool to flash a operating system (arch arm64 in my case) to a sd card, i am planning to do it through my linux mint vm. if someone can point me in the right place for a walkthrough that would be great. thank you in advance.

On Linux, you can just use dd. It’s fast and accurate.

but i need to use the libre flash tool becuase arch doesnt have a image for the amls905xcc

It doesn’t create arch images. Not sure why you think that tool can create arch images.

im not sure if maybe I explained something wrong or not but, when I made a post to reddit about using arch linux (arm64 image) a dev from the libre account said i could use the libre flash tool with the arm64 image and be able to write it with the tool. Link to my post: Reddit - Dive into anything
Im simply just trying to find a solution.

can anyone help with this?