ROC-3399-PC only boots original Ubuntu 18.10 images

Hello, I was in the Kickstarter for the ROC-3399-PC and got one of the original boards (date on it is 2018-07-12). I used it a little while back then and then put into storage until support was more developed. I’ve tried the firmware updates linked here along with newer images of Debian and it will not boot any of them.

The firmware will DD to my microSD just fine but no HDMI output from the board when booted from it, just steady red and green LEDs from near the power button. The microSD card is good, I DD’ed another image to it and booted my LePotato just fine. I can also DD the original Ubuntu 18.10 image for the Renegade Elite to the card and it will boot that just fine.

Do these original boards need some kind of intermediate firmware flash before going for the latest? It’s had zero firmware updates since I’ve had it.

The original boards should not have anything flashed on the SPI NOR so there’s no onboard firmware until you flash one. Do you have any UART logs? The firmware updater should work from MicroSD card.