Libre Computer Board BIOS/Firmware Update Images

Please update your board if it is listed below. You can dd the image directly to a flash drive and insert it in your board to update the firmware.

Pre-Production Boards

Boards that do not have firmware:

  • ALL-H3-CC Tritium
  • AML-S905X-CC Le Potato
  • ROC-RK3328-CC Renegade

Boards without firmware need images with the bootloader for that specific board, image files ending with +board.img.


link is bad.
good one is


Fixed thanks for reporting.

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hello, i’ve got the LAFRITE s805x-ac 1Gb,.
I’ve lost the U-boot menu.

i flash to USB key the file i download : aml-s805x-ac-spiflash :
i get

but when i boot the board with USB key plug in the port next Gpio : nothing happend : black screen
even if i plug an USB key with an OS inside (Ubuntu …)

help me please
thank you

Did you move the bootloader switch on the board?

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Would it be possible to get some versioning for these files? It would be easier to track if the latest version is installed.

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Yes, that is a great idea! There’s already a version string in the u-boot image, it should be just added to the filename, then the “roc-rk3399-pc-spiflash” should be a redirect to a file with a version appended. Same for all other firmware images.

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These files are produced via CI through our GitHub. You can monitor changes there and see if the update is relevant to you. Each board is broken down on a branch basis. We do big updates once every half year or so. GitHub - libre-computer-project/libretech-u-boot

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On November 24, 2023 I ordered a Le Potato on Amazon. To my surprise, they filled my order with a Sweet Potato. A quick bit of research and I was very happy with the unexpected upgrade.

A bit of work with my Dremel to modify the power port for USB C on the eleUniverse ABS Case and a KKSB 30mm PWM SBC Fan - 3 Pin OS Fan Control for Raspberry Pi and Other PWM SBCs and I am up and running Ubuntu with a 128gig EMMC.

My question is, am I needing to flash the BIOS, anyway? Everything is looking so good and this is so new to me that I don’t want to risk messing things up if it isn’t necessary…
3 pin fan

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If you have the order #, we can let the distributor know about this issue.

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Thanks for the reply but I don’t really have a problem with Amazon. Everything I ordered was to go with a Le Potato and they sent me a (imo) better SBC. The eleUniverse ABS Case is not meant for a Sweet Potato and still has the old micro power supply opening as well as the opening for the audio jack and a cooling fan with just red and black connections. They are fine for the boards they were designed for.

The reason for my post was my concern about flashing the firmware. I don’t know if my board is new enough that it isn’t needed. Possibly, flashing it won’t harm anything if it is already current.

I am very, very happy with what I have. I just don’t want to mess it up.
Thanks again for the reply.

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Flashing will not mess up unless you pull power from the board. Even if you do, it’s recoverable. Have no fear with flashing.


I’m trying to flash a La Frite that’s probably not been updated since I first got the board (Kickstarter release) and when I run the spiflash image at the top of the thread, it errors about not being able to find the boot file.

If I connect a network cable it drops into trying to find a tftp server to try and pxe boot

Would like to try an put some new images on this board but not having a lot of luck…

Ok so it seems I hadn’t flashed the USB stick properly (used 2 different methods - gnome disks partition restore and KDE part ed restore. Both failed to write the image) before dropping to DD and getting a satisfactory write. (The partitions showed up with dd, they didn’t with the other methods which should have been a giveaway)

But I have a new problem now.

The spiflash image booted and ran a load of things but it ended with a checksum mismatch.
(Sorry I didn’t get a screenshot) and now it won’t boot. It appears to have bricked the device. It was booting to a firmware bootloader (the screenshot I posted before) but now it’s just black screen (well no screen output at all) with or without a USB stick.

Can this be unbricked or is it a dead parrot now?

Is there a way to tell current firmware on my Alta board ? Also board revision - is it correlated with UART 3-pins location (it seems they got moved from next to HDMI to being parallel the GPIO 40-pin connector between revisions)?

Type version in the u-boot console and compare the timestamp.

I see there are CI builds for aml-s905x-cc and I know le potato doesn’t have any SPI flash for BIOS/EFI, but is there a way to update existing eMMC/uSD images with the CI builds? Is it as simple as:

dd if=aml-s905x-cc of=/dev/mmcblk0
dd if=aml-s905x-cc of=/dev/mmcblk1


With these images, PXE boot seems to be disabled by default, and what’s more, it doesn’t seem to work. U-Boot complains ‘serverip’ isn’t set (thought it should get it from the DHCP server). So I set that, but then the TFTP fails with UDP checksum errors.

I’m using an old 1GB board (from the kickstarter). Are old images available anywhere?

libretech-flash-tool gives you the command it uses. It takes it from CI.

We do not boot PXE automatically because it’s a security vulnerability.

It should not be fatal. Please provide logs.

The link for the firmware for the ROC-RK3328-CC-V2 Renegade R2 appears to be broken. I get a 404 error when I try to download it. I just ordered one from Amazon and would like to put the latest firmware on it before using it.

The link is