S805X 1GB version boots nice but not its 512MB brother

Hello everyone,
The stroy so far: I bought 2 “Lafrite” end of february, one 1GB ram and one 512MB ram. I received them mid march. Of course, I didn’t check, the “lafrite” doesn’t boot from an SDCard but an emmc module and I didn’t bought any.
But it is OK it can boots from USB. I try my luck with Armbian Light version on the 1GB version, it works fine I can reach a terminal, create a user and all.

So I try the 512MB version with the same install, I though it would work. But when it starts I get an error : ** Reading file would overwrite reserved memory **

Maybe the “installed” image does only work with a specific version, so I reflashed the same USB Drive and try to boot it up but I always get the same error (the one above).

I tried :

  • different version or Armbian
  • Raspbian

I use :

  • 3Amp 5V Power supply
  • Samsung Fit 128GB as Usb drive

If someone has an idea to help me out here I don’t have a clue about why the 512MB doesn’t boot.

I am not much help here, but have you tried the official Libre Computer image on this board? The error indicates an attempt to access an address in memory that it should not, hints of some incorrect or mis-configured details as they relate to memory addresses allocated for distinct purposes in the early stages of boot (i.e. attempts to prepare for loading the kernel – could be related to the version of u-Boot being employed in the Armbian image).

I too like Armbian, but sometimes wonder how much testing they can achieve with so many variants of SoCs that they produce images to support. It seems possible that the 512 MB variant of the La Frite may not exist in their test hardware inventory, which is just one guess as to how a problem like this might exist.

So, if you have not tried the official Libre Computer image for this board, try that one out…?

Good luck and let us know if you attempt this with the Libre official images and corresponding results.

I just tried the ubuntu server available on the libre computer website, and I got this error on both version of the lafrite :

And also tried the Raspbian-lite image :

I’m new to this, also ordered this board assuming it had microSD. The only image I’ve been able to get to boot on my 512MB model is ubuntu-22.04.1-preinstalled-base-arm64+aml-s805x-ac.img from 12/13/22 in the distro. I’m poking around at compiling an armbian image myself and see in their tool that the s805x is listed with 1GB of RAM.

Ubuntu base and server should both be supported.
Raspbian lite and desktop should both be supported.
Try flashing the latest bootloader. Burn the download to an empty flash drive and boot the device.