What is the Largest Micro SD Card Size & Brand Known to Work for Le Potato?

Here is my situation:

I have tried 2 types of SD cards recommended by Lebre for the Le Potato .

  1. 64GB SanDisk Extreme
  2. 32GB Samsung Pro MicroSD cards .

My SanDisk Extreme 64GB fails to boot and I’ve tried multiple times to re-flash image to no avail.
My 32GB Samsung Pro succeeds every time no fails.

I am looking for hopefully if its possible and exists 1TB or greater micro SD card that will work for Le Potato. The largest I see available from Samsung Pro is 512GB.

Does anyone know of another working brand that meets these criteria’s and boots properly?

I haven’t had any issues booting from a 32GB Sandisk Ultra, though I’ve tried a few other larger capacity cards from sketchy brands with poor results.

I don’t have an answer for the limit on card size, but I will say you’re probably better off running your OS on the SD or eMMC and using a USB device for storage if you need a TB. Just avoid spinning hard drives, they can draw too much power for the tater.

I get MUCH better performance from the eMMC than SD cards of any kind, so I would definitely recommend that route if you’ve got the $20 or so to spare.

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I’ve had no problems using the MicroCenter branded microSD cards. I’m using a 64GB and it works fine. There may be issues using SDXC vs SDHC type cards, I don’t know. Just wanted to report Microcenter cards seem to work fine.

SanDisk Extreme is supported. Do you get any errors?

Interesting, I’ve booted and worked with a 64GB SanDisk Extreme just fine along with many others.

Does the same microSD card work with other devices/boards?

I gave the SanDisk a few attempts but haven’t tried since. I wasn’t able to get the Ubuntu image to boot or finish booting so I switched to Samsung. I will let you all know if I give it another go, thanks for all the help and recommendations.