Nagois or NEMS on LePotato

Has anyone used a Le Potato to run NEMS or Nagois Core on rasberry pi os? This is my goal, but I’m not getting very far yet. I bought a AML-S905X-CC because, well, they were in stock.

I tried using Etcher and flashing NEMS to my micro SD card, but I can’t get Le Potato to boot. I now have a good power supply, got rid of the hdmi to vga adapter and old monitor in favour of a newer hdmi monitor, found another post about formatting the micro sd as fat32, but I still have the same results, which led me to the the boot image.

I haven’t found a NEMS image for Le Potato, so I was going to go the normal OS/installed package route.

Is there a good step by step doc somewhere to create a good bootable rasberry pi os on a micro SD? Once I get something booting I’ll work on installing the Nagois 3 package.