Libre Computer Board Firmware Update Images

Please update your board if it is listed below. You can dd the image directly to a flash drive and insert it in your board to update the firmware.

Boards that do not have firmware:

  • ALL-H3-CC Tritium
  • AML-S905X-CC Le Potato
  • ROC-RK3328-CC Renegade

link is bad.
good one is

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Fixed thanks for reporting.

hello, i’ve got the LAFRITE s805x-ac 1Gb,.
I’ve lost the U-boot menu.

i flash to USB key the file i download : aml-s805x-ac-spiflash :
i get

but when i boot the board with USB key plug in the port next Gpio : nothing happend : black screen
even if i plug an USB key with an OS inside (Ubuntu …)

help me please
thank you

Did you move the bootloader switch on the board?

Would it be possible to get some versioning for these files? It would be easier to track if the latest version is installed.

Yes, that is a great idea! There’s already a version string in the u-boot image, it should be just added to the filename, then the “roc-rk3399-pc-spiflash” should be a redirect to a file with a version appended. Same for all other firmware images.

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These files are produced via CI through our GitHub. You can monitor changes there and see if the update is relevant to you. Each board is broken down on a branch basis. We do big updates once every half year or so. GitHub - libre-computer-project/libretech-u-boot

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