Waveshare 5" HDMI Display Touchscreen on Le Potato

To test:

sudo ldto enable spicc-ce1 spicc-ce1-ads7846-irq-22

To apply on startup:

sudo ldto merge spicc-ce1 spicc-ce1-ads7846-irq-22

To remove from startup:

sudo ldto reset

You may need to calibrate the display for X11 or Wayland.

For reference, since Waveshare makes a whole pile of different 5" HDMI monitors, it would be these ones:

5inch Resistive Touch Screen LCD, 800×480, HDMI, Low Power
5inch Resistive Touch Screen LCD with Bicolor Case, 800×480, HDMI, Low Power (same as above with added case)

the other 5" HDMI monitors with touchscreens use USB touch controllers.

The following should also be compatible since they use the same controller board and ADS7846 touch controller:
7inch Resistive Touch Screen LCD, 1024×600, HDMI, IPS, Various Systems Support
10.1inch Resistive Touch Screen LCD, 1024×600, HDMI, IPS, Supports Raspberry Pi / PC


I have the SPI displays working as well but the upstream driver initializes the wrong colors on most of these ILI9486 displays. Once I get the test sample, I’m going to see if I can fix the driver and add different compatibles to toggle between them.

Also each of the displays have a different touchscreen offset so calibration would have to be done on a per model basis. If anyone has a certain screen they need to tweak, let us know.

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this fixed my issue thank you!!!

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would this work for the renegade? or is it a no go

The HDMI portion should work. The touchscreen portion needs a new overlay to set the proper GPIO for monitoring the interrupts and the SPI. Please open a thread under Request section and we will do it when we have time.


I have an Elecrow 5" Amazon.com

This needs calibrating as the Arrow (cursor) is about 15-Pixels to the Right and 15-Below the Touch-position. This means I cannot open the menus or anything on the top line.

I found a YT video for calibrating the raspi with “ts_calibrate” and “ts_test” but they are not in the Le Potato Repository. How do I adjust this pointer error?


Would you advise this same fix for a 7" type very similar capacative touch display? Very similar to the waveshare but black from 2020+ ?

There’s standard x11 calibration tools you can Google and find. Do not try anything Raspberry Pi because all of those instructions are non-standard to Linux and most likely will not work.

I’ve been testing this for quite a while with a 7" 1024 x 800 @60 display mounted to the le potato: I’m now updated with raspbian 23… however I’m still finding this particular fix doesn’t apply to touch on this display. Any ideas?

(The behavior is that there is no touch at all if the screen is plugged in, when removed, it also freezes input from a usb keyboard, restart required.)

Different displays have different touch controllers. Some touch controllers are USB and some are I2C based and some are SPI based. These all vary by manufacturer so without the exact mode, we cannot help you.

Hello this is the most information I have been able to find on the model:

7" Touch Screen Monitor for R Pi

There’s no relevant information on that page what so ever. We recommend you to asking the manufacturer to provide basic specifications or buy another display that provides specifications.