What steps/instructions for Batocera?

I have a AML-s905x-cc and I seen here : Windows Flashing MicroSD Cards Guide with Win32DiskImager for Le Potato or any SBC - YouTube Batocera was suggested, I would assume this is the correct platform Amlogic S905/S905x (s905), can I get some verification? However I am unable to get it to boot it just hangs at a black/gray screen shortly after power on.

We haven’t gotten around to adding our boot stuff to Batocera. Only the ALL-H3-CC-H5 is supported at this point. The image for the S905X TV boxes are designed for Amlogic’s bootloader.

Please use Lakka for now.

When you DO engage this project, look at doing an update for the SONICON SD card image, at least coding up a script for those of us who have purchased their RetroPi adaptation.

Thanks for all the great work you’re doing.