Which distribution for aml-905x-cc

Hi everyone… i just got my first le potato - 2gb, …
Which current Distributions currently have the best ‘out of the box’ support for the le potato aml-905x-cc?
good support for the mali-450 would be a big plus (dunno if that’s an issue or if it is generally good)
I will boot from sd card.

my use cases are mostly to play around as a raspberry pi alternative for many things but with no specific use case in mind other than seeing its strengths and weaknesses and then using it where it best fits for me…

any gotcha’s for any distributions one would be aware of would be aml-905x-cc nice to know also…


Have a look at https://hub.libre.computer/t/distro-support-list-for-libre-computer-boards/27 and https://hub.libre.computer/t/best-os-to-get-up-and-running-with-aml-s905x-cc/250

If you want something closer to the standard Raspberry Pi experience, Raspbian: https://hub.libre.computer/t/raspbian-11-bullseye-for-libre-computer-boards/82

If you want a more “standard” Ubuntu experience, Jammy Jellyfish 22.04 LTS https://hub.libre.computer/t/ubuntu-22-04-1-jammy-lts-for-libre-computer-boards/20

People also seem to be playing with Armbian, LibreElec/CoreElec/Lakka and others… but the main 2 seem to get the most use and are a good, stable, supported starting point.

GPIO pin control is a little different, and RPi startup text config files not being used are the big differences… some HDMI screens with less-common specs have been reported to not work properly but I’ve had good luck with the ones I’ve tried. If you follow the Libre install guides (note power requirements and SD card quality/imaging tool suggestions) you’ll get a working system that behaves like a normal Linux system. @Librecomputer is quite responsive to questions if you do run into problems.

Overall, I’d characterize it as “similar” to a Raspberry Pi, and capable of doing most of the tasks that a RPi can do, but don’t expect it to be a direct drop-in replacement. I’ve seen people using it for 3D printer control with Octoprint/Klipper, emulation with RetroPie, ad blocking with PiHole, automation with Home Assistant and just general desktp/server use for programming and such. I haven’t had any major problems with mine.


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My 2 cents, if you don’t need GPIO, i2c, SPI, etc. go with Armbian. Very easy to use.