Enabling uart and spi on renegade

Hi I’m having a hard time figuring out how to use spi and uart on the renegade with the official Raspbian image.

Trying to connect a adxl345 accelerometer over spi and connect to a 3d printer over uart (already using 3 USB ports for cam, WiFi, and touch display) and I don’t really know where to begin. I know I’ll need to use overlays somehow and change the baud rate if possible to 115200 (I think). I can’t find an overlay for uart with ldto, enabling the spi overlays doesn’t seem to do anything. I can see several different uart pins, is the debug the only usable one or is uart1 and uart2 available?

Is there any consolidated start to finish instructions to enable and test functionality? If someone could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.

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I used a trianglelabs usb adxl345 and it works perfect on a le potato. I imagine it would apply here also

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Under the requests section, make separate requests for each item. Le Potato has these overlays completed but Renegade does not since most people use it for server roles.

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Thank you, I’ll try again on the potato. First Time around the touch screen wouldn’t work with klipperscreen out of the box and the renegade did. I see several uart and spi overlays on the potato, which spi and uart overlays should I be using?

See the peripheral section.

Got SPI working, got the screen working with the raspian xorg portability files, still cannot connect uarta. Showing ttyAML6 but no comms. The printer uses a 250000 baud rate so I don’t know if that’s the problem. At the end of the day I also realized my user wasn’t in the tty group so I’m going to retest tonight.

If the regular uarta does not work, try uarta-clk81. Please report back your findings.

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Uarta works just fine even at 250000 baud. Still cannot connect to my printer but I’ve discovered it’s due to pin mismatch in the klipper firmware build so no fault of the potato. I connected without issue to an esp8266 for testing purposes. Thank you for all your help!

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@jwarner3412 Were you ever able to connect the renegade directly to your printer via Uart? I am getting mcu shutdowns I believe are related to the USB connection I am currently using to connect my printer to the renegade. Would love to connect over gpio pins directly, but am hearing that it isn’t possible yet. Any insight on how I can map these pins and connect uart? Thank you!

No, uart overlays are not complete on renegade. Supposedly there may be a way to do it on armbian but i didnt have any luck. SPI isn’t supported on either so I moved to le potato. Le potato runs klipper with a webcam perfectly, renegade is overkill and under featured for a klipper board imo. Have you tried a new usb cord?

Both UARTs can be enabled UART1 and UART2.

good to know thanks!

We made a guide here: Libre Computer Board Serial UART Connection and Setup Guide