GPIO Pinout Header Maps and Wiring Tool for Libre Computer Boards

Below are links to spreadsheets with the GPIO and its pinmuxes. These are derived from the board schematics.

GPIO mappings can be quickly referenced via the lgpio command from the Libre Computer Wiring Tool, which comes pre-installed on our images.

HAT and peripheral compatibility are determined by Libre Computer Pinmux Compatibility Matrix and pre-existing overlays for many HATs are already available via the ldto command from the Libre Computer Wiring Tool.

For additional HAT or peripheral support, please open an issue on the GitHub repo if you need help with a particular HAT or peripheral. Note that this is done on a best effort basis and should be the responsibility of the HAT or peripheral manufacturer.


The Solitude link points to the A311D Alta google sheet

Is there any chance these links (and any other EvilCorp ones) might be provided via more FLOSS-respecting methods (i.e. non-EvilCorp), such as NextCloud or similar?

They are the same design. The chips are pin to pin compatible for the most part. The GPIO layout is shared for the most part.